Mojo: The Mobile Journalism Handbook introduces a set of multimedia skills and digital tools designed to make citizens, communications students and professional journalists more ready for a convergent change process that’s taking place in society. It defines and develops the concept of user-generated stories (UGS), a more complete form of multimedia storytelling created by mobile journalists, henceforth known as “mojos.”

In this companion video site Ivo Burum describes a hands-on, easy-to-follow set of skills that supplement the information provided in the book. The videos will help multimedia journalists working with mobile phones – mojos – to use digital technologies to:

  • Plan and shoot more professional videos on a smartphone
  • Complete the edit process on a smartphone using the iMovie edit app
  • Undertake audio and video post-production on a smartphone from location
  • Publish content if required using just a smartphone from location.

One underlying rationale for this book and set of videos is to provide a road map for training people to create user-generated stories (UGS) that enhance grassroots journalism by creating an awareness of what Ivo calls a “new common digital language.” This enables a meaningful link between citizens, education institutions and mainstream media.

This set of videos offers both rationale and praxis for equipping communities, students and journalists with the skills and technologies to enable them to develop their own transformative voice in the new media landscape.

Work through the videos either on your own or alongside specific chapters, and you will realize a new creative and editorial power that comes with being a mojo and creating professional looking stories using just a smartphone.

Ivo Burum