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This classic video has been making the rounds on YouTube for a number of years now. It’s a good introductory video that adds reassurance that you’ll eventually make it through a sportscast, no matter what goes wrong.
Epic Bad Broadcaster—Boom Goes the Dynamite
Chapter 3—The ESPN 30 for 30 episode “Catching Hell: The Steve Bartman Story” is available in 10 segments via YouTube. A link to the first segment is provided here.
30 for 30—Catching Hell
Chapter 5 discusses interviewing techniques and capturing good responses. Sometimes things don’t always go as a reporter plans, or in a press conference, someone might ask a question that dominates the situation—not always in a pleasant way. ESPN’s SportsCenter has compiled a number of Top 10 lists, including this one:
Top 10 Most Heated Interviews
Bobby Knight was a legendary coach, but not only for what occurred on the court. Here is a classic press conference moment.
Bobby Knight Classic
Chapter 6, among other things, talks about the influence of social media in the world of sports journalism. The 1989 World Series, Game 3, is a good example of how live television can create unexpected situations. This video begins with the game open, only to be interrupted by an earthquake.
1989 Game 3 World Series Earthquake
Kent Sterling has worked at a number of broadcast outlets in and around the state of Indiana. As the operator of his own website, he talks about the importance of using social media to create your own brand.
Multiple Platforms—Kent Sterling
Chapter 7 covers the “nuts and bolts” of sports broadcasting. Here are a couple of short videos that can help review and emphasize key concepts of play-by-play.
Play-by-Play Essentials—Bob Rathbun
Chuck Swirsky—Improving Play-by-Play Calls
Live broadcasting requires a lot of preparation before going on air. ESPN broadcaster Adam Amin talks about getting ready to do a college football game.
Adam Amin—Prepping for College Football
Chapter 8 includes discussion of sports-talk shows, particularly on radio. Veteran talk show host Dave Rothenberg discusses developing your own on-air style.
Dave Rothenberg—Sports-Talk Style
Chapter 11 talks about gender equity and the long uphill journey women have made to become sports broadcasters. ESPN’s Michelle Beadle says there can sometimes be double standards applied to women in the field.
Michelle Beadle on Appearance Criticisms
Chapter 12 provides suggestions on seeking a first professional job in the field. Here, ESPN’s Adam Amin gives some advice.
Looking for First Post-College Job—Adam Amin