Welcome to the companion website for Stress Management and Prevention: Applications to Daily Life, Third Edition, a student-friendly text that integrates Eastern and Western concepts of stress while emphasizing an experiential approach to learning through the use of exercises, activities, and self-reflection. The book contains chapters on conflict resolution, mindfulness meditation, time management, prevention of health risks, and cognitive restructuring. Included throughout are an emphasis on mindfulness and the neuroscience behind it, more theories, and new techniques for stress reduction and time management.

While you explore the website, you’ll find we have material for both instructors and students. For instructors, we feature chapter material, including lecture slides, chapter outlines, and student activities, downloadable as PDF files. Also available for instructors is our special feature entitled Questbank, which includes multiple-choice, true and false, matching, as well as short answer and essay questions.

For students, we have a series of test sections available, including Fill in the Blank, Matching, Multiple Choice, and True and False.

Accessible for both students and instructors are ten brand new videos for this third edition as well as 14 videos from the previous edition which feature students discussing stressful situations in their lives and how they overcame these challenges. Also available for both students and instructors are four new audio files, which are a series of relaxation clips in which the instructor takes the listener through calming exercises.