Neurophysiology, 5th Edition

Roger Carpenter and Benjamin Reddi

Neuroanatomy is neurophysiology’s ugly sister: but if you’re a medic you have to get to know her.  However well you understand what the various bits of the brain do, you are expected also to be able to recognise them in sections of the brain made in different directions and using different techniques.  By far the most efficient way to learn this sort of material is self-testing.  Here, NeuroSlice presents you with classic stained sections of the brain, while NeuroScan provides examples of the kinds of images you will come across more often in clinical practice.   Also for medics, there is NeuroVid, a comprehensive set of videos demonstrating how to carry out the different components of a standard clinical neurological examination.  NeuroSound is a set of demonstrations of auditory phenomena intended to be used in conjunction with Chapter 6 of the book. Finally, there are sets of interactive MCQs in NeuroQuestions.

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