This portal provides practical resources, weblinks, and engaging reading materials within five distinct subject areas – Intercultural Communication; Media/Digital Communication; Health and Professional Communication; Multimodality, Semiotics and Pragmatics and Discourse and Critical Discourse Analysis. This is the perfect place to find resources to support and enrich our latest publications, but if you can’t find what you’re looking for, or if you think something is missing, contact us and let us know. We are always looking for new resources to share!


This portal offers a wide-ranging selection of free learning and reference materials for teachers, students, researchers and professions, including:

  • Free journal articles from our major international journals, such as Critical Discourse Studies and Language and Intercultural Communication
  • Essential online Resources – including video interviews and lectures featuring our key authors, links to further reading, glossaries, and online exercises designed to be used in conjunction with our bestselling textbooks
  • Sample chapters from some of our key Language and Communication books
  • Virtual Books catalogue of Routledge books

Update September 2022

Our latest update includes significant additions to our Books Catalogue, including the upcoming fourth edition of Semiotics: The Basics.

We also have many new sample chapters from titles such as  Family LiteraciesPragmatics: The Basics, Intercultural Communication 4e, Understanding Digital Literacies 2e, Multimodality and Identity, The Commodification of Language, Fragmented Narrative and Transcultural Communication Through Global Englishes.

There are sample chapters from newly published titles such as A World without Capitalism?, Mysteries of English Grammar, and Researching Language and Social Media 2e.

Besides a sample chapter from Pragmatics Online, we have a video by its author Kate Scott discussing Chapter 3.

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