Runaway ad for “Minty” (Harriet Tubman) and her two brothers, 1840

Portrait of Thomas Garrett, circa 1850. (Boston Public Library)

Attendees of the Cazenovia fugitive slave convention, 1850

Lucretia Mott and the Executive Committee of the Pennsylvania Antislavery Society, circa 1851

Martha Coffin Wright, undated

Woodcut illustration of Tubman with gun, circa 1863 (Frontispiece from ‘Scenes in the Life of Harriet Tubman’ by Sarah Bradford, 1869)

Portrait of William Still, circa 1870 (Temple University Libraries, Charles L. Blockson Afro-American Collection)

Tubman portrait, photographed between 1860-1875

Harriet Tubman Davis with Nelson Davis and their adopted daughter, Gertie Davis, circa 1887

“A Woman and Her Political Peers,” featuring Frances Willard (center), 1893.

Portrait of Harriet Tubman, circa 1895

Portrait of Eliza Wigham, c.1898. (Photomechanical by unknown photographer, no date. From Portraits of American Abolitionists. Photograph number 81.703. Collections of the Massachusetts Historical Society.)

Portrait of Harriet Tubman, circa 1908

Portrait of Harriet Tubman in wheelchair, circa 1912

Map of Maryland with Dorchester County, Tubman’s birthplace, identified

Dorchester County, circa 1875

Tubman’s Underground Railroad route from Maryland to Canada