Learn the creative and technical essentials of documentary filmmaking with Documentary Voice & Vision.

This comprehensive work combines clear, up-to-date technical information, production techniques, and gear descriptions with an understanding of how technical choices can create meaning and serve a director’s creative vision. Drawing on the authors’ years of experience as documentary filmmakers, and on interviews with a range of working professionals in the field, the book offers concrete and thoughtful guidance through all stages of production, from finding and researching ideas to production, editing, and distribution.

Documentary Voice & Vision will help students and aspiring filmmakers think through research and story structure, ethics, legal issues and aesthetics, as well as techniques from camera handling to lighting, sound recording, and editing. The book explores a full range of production styles, from expository to impressionistic to observational, and provides an overview of contemporary distribution options.

Documentary Voice & Vision is a companion text to Mick Hurbis-Cherrier’s Voice & Vision: A Creative Approach to Narrative Film and DV Production, and employs a similar style and approach to that classic text. This text is written from the perspective of documentary filmmakers, and includes myriad examples from the world of non-fiction filmmaking.

This robust companion website features additional resources, videos, and interactive figures that accompany the text.

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