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Section One. The problem

  1. What’s the problem? 
  2. What is it like to be…?    
  3. The grand illusion

Section Two. The brain

  1. Neuroscience and the neural correlates of consciousness
  2. The theatre of the mind
  3. The unity of consciousness   

Section Three. Body and world

  1. Attention
  2. Conscious and unconscious
  3. Agency and free will

Section Four. Evolution

  1. Evolution and animal minds
  2. The function of consciousness
  3. The evolution of machines    

Section Five.  Borderlands

  1. Drugs and altered states
  2. Reality and imagination
  3. Dreaming and beyond

Section Six. Self and other

  1. Egos, bundles, and theories of self
  2. The view from within?
  3. Waking up

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