Chapter 5 - The Lesioned Brain

Links and Media

Professor Elizabeth Warrington on the history of neuropsychology
An demonstration of transcranial magnetic stimulation
A series of lectures at UCDavis on brain stimulation, particularly the newer method of tDCS, including the following two:
A lecture from Professor Jamie Ward, author of The Student’s Guide to Cognitive Neuroscience on “The Imaged Brain and Lesioned Brain”

Additional Reading

A special edition of Cognitive Neuropsychology (1988), 5(5), is dedicated to methodological issues related to single case and group studies in neuropsychology.
An overview of the method of brain stimulation known as tDCS is provided in this paper
Nitsche, M. A., Cohen, L. G., Wassermann, E. M., Priori, A., Lang, N., Antal, A., … Pascual-Leone, A. (2008). Transcranial direct current stimulation: State of the art 2008. Brain Stimulation, 1, 206–223.
A classic study in TMS research demonstrating how performance can sometimes be enhanced as well as impaired by brain stimulation
Walsh, V., Ellison, A., Battelli, L., & Cowey, A. (1998). Task-induced impairments and enhancements induced by magnetic stimulation of human area V5. Proceedings of the Royal Society of London B, 265, 537–543.