Chapter 8 - The Acting Brain

Links and Media

Giacomo Rizzolatti interviewed about the discovery of mirror neurons
Niels Birbaumer interviewed on brain–computer interfaces as compensation for motor disorders
Ann Graybiel discussing the role of the basal ganglia on motor function and cognition

Additional Reading

A critique of the division between dorsal and ventral streams in vision and action that includes peer discussion
Schenk, T. & McIntosh, R. D. (2010). Do we have independent visual streams for perception and action? Cognitive Neuroscience, 1, 52–62
A good overview of this system primarily from the perspective of animal electrophysiology
Rizzolatti, G. & Luppino, G. (2001). The cortical motor system. Neuron, 31, 889–901.
A classic paper, predating brain imaging, that concerns the role of the prefrontal cortex in action. This paper is also relevant to Chapter 14 as it is a more general model of executive functions
Norman, D. A. & Shallice, T. (1986). Attention to action. In R. J. Davidson, G. E. Schwartz, & D. Shapiro (Eds.), Consciousness and self regulation. New York: Plenum Press.