Here authors will find an overview of what Development is all about, what the Development process entails, and what authors can expect from the process.

The website is broken down into the following sections:

Authors can also meet the Development Team.

What is development?

A global team of Development Editors work on a variety of projects across the Taylor & Francis publishing portfolio.

They conduct research to inform business decisions and commissioning strategy, and ensure that content and pedagogy meet the needs of the intended market.

Development Editors employ a range of quantitative and qualitative research methods, including on-campus interviews, open-ended questionnaires, online surveys, user testing, consultation of industry publications, and sales data.

Once allocated to the Development Team, each print or digital product is managed by one Development Editor. The Development Editor works closely with the author(s) to ensure the quality and timely delivery of materials, as well as ensuring that Sales and Marketing colleagues have promotional plans in place to support the product on launch.

Projects in Development will normally be batch reviewed as the content is being written. Review panels consist of carefully selected academics teaching courses relevant to the product. Areas of consensus in the feedback are highlighted by the Development Editor and form the basis of recommendations to ensure that the product meets the needs of the core market. The reviewer feedback and recommendations are presented to the author in the form of a Development Report at each stage.  

What are the benefits of Development