Chapter 1




A biography of Francis Galton:

A video showing students using Skinner’s Teaching Machine:

The text of On the Witness Stand by Hugo M√ľnsterberg:

A demonstration of top-down processing:

Put your senses to the test with the BBC’s Senses Challenge quiz:

The Stroop effect: Further information and a demonstration:

Explore the structure and function of the brain with the BBC’s brain map:

National Geographic’s interactive brain map:

What to expect when you go to an ERP appointment:

Demonstration of an EEG experiment:

What to expect when you go for an MRI scan:

A video of an MEG apparatus:

A simulation of transcranial magnetic stimulation by Domenic Ciraulo, chief psychiatrist at Boston Medical Center:

The ACT-R Research Group’s homepage:

Sample essay answer

Sample answer for chapter 1 (DOC)