Chapter 2




Best Illusion of the Year Contest: Includes a large gallery of very clever optical illusions:

Visual phenomena and optical illusions:

‘Sound moves Light’ demonstration:

Examples of many different visual illusions and Gestalt principles:

Dr. Itiel Dror on forensic decision making, bias, and fingerprint identification:

A video clip of an associative agnostic attempting to recognize objects:

A video of HJA, an apperceptive agnostic:

Oliver Sacks talking about face blindness:

Oliver Sacks talking about Charles Bonnet syndrome:

A video of the hollow mask illusion and some insight into how it works:

Another demonstration of the hollow mask illusion:

SimonsLab: The website for the Visual Cognition Laboratory headed by Professor Daniel Simons:

The original video of the Simons and Chabris (1999) “invisible gorilla” and the Simons and Levin (1998) door study:

Movie Goofs: Thousands of bloopers, flubs, flaws, and mistakes in movies:

Videos showing examples of change blindness, including person swap:

Information about subliminal messages, with many examples:

A series of demonstrations of auditory phenomena:

A video of the McGurk effect (with explanation):

Examples of the phonemic restoration effect:

Sample essay answer

Sample answer for chapter 2 (DOC)