Audio Editing Exercise

A Do-it-Yourself Audio Editing Exercise

A 2-minute, public-domain TV commercial (circa 1960) is provided in a video file. Also provided are different music clips that may be combined with the video in video editing software to see what impact sound has on image. Students are encouraged to provide his/her own music to see how the image can be manipulated. A more compact version of the original video in MPEG-4 format is provided in case the instructor wishes to put the video on his/her own website.

Audio clip archive


Files for Windows and Mac (zip-format archive) — includes the original commercial video and music files for:

  • A plaintive piano piece — Erik Satie, Gymnopedie No. 1.
  • A pro-union song — Bare Knuckles, “Solidarity Forever.”
  • A lively Celtic tune — Henri's Notions, “Mrs. Kelly's Chickens/Louis Waltz.”
  • An aggressive classical piece — Huxford Symphony Orchestra, Tchaikovsky
  • Symphony No. 4
  • A singer-songwriter tune about walking — Jake Berry, “Walking.”

Download the original video