Video Editing Exercise

A Do-it-Yourself Video Editing Exercise

A 2-minute public domain TV commercial (circa 1960) tells the story of a family buying a new car. The original has been divided into its individual shots — one shot per file. There's no dialogue in the original spot so students may easily rearrange the order of the shots in video editing software (e.g. iMovie or Premiere Elements) and see how shot order has an impact on the story. The video files are prepared in archives that may be used on either Windows or Mac computers. A more compact version of the original video in MPEG-4 format is provided in case the instructor wishes to put the video on his/her own website. Also provided, in MPEG-4 format, are six editing variations created by a University of Alabama student.

Download the original video and/or six variations by RIGHT-clicking a link below and then, depending on your browser, selecting "Save target as" or "Save link as" (as in these illustrations). You may then download the files to a location on your computer.