Corporate Video Case Studies

In the book we discuss a variety of uses of video by several companies.

Google uses video to recruit and train employees. Here is one of their videos on YouTube, titled, “Life at Google.”

McDonalds has their own Hamburger University and their own YouTube channel. Here is their channel.

Corporate social responsibility is an area for the documentary filmmaker to pursue. Companies help local nonprofits as well as assisting projects in third-world countries. BASF Agriculture Products produced a 4:00-minute animation titled “Hungry Planet”.

REI has a YouTube channel devoted to educating people about outdoor sporting. It has over 100 videos from “How to Pack a Backpack” to “Fitness Tips: Triathlon Swim.”

Home improvement tips via six-second Vine videos are available at Lowe’s Vine site or search for #lowesfixinsix

Music video production has helped boost the Google presence of British fashion company, Burberry. Here is their Burberry Acoustic playlist.

Corporations use video even to sell fertilizer. Miracle Gro has several YouTube videos including this one.

The chapter includes examples of job listings at corporations as well as salary ranges. Here is Google’s job board.