Welcome to the companion website for Corporate Video Production: Beyond the Board Room (And Out of the Bored Room), Second Edition, by Stuart Sweetow.

Using the icon in the top left, you’ll be able to access the following pages:

  • Corporate Video Case Studies: video links for other examples of corporate video.
  • Marketing Yourself: a guide for how to best promote yourself as a videomaker in the corporate environment.
  • Aesthetic Considerations: an exploration of green screen, soft lighting, and makeup (including color stills).
  • Directing: a demonstration of the shots and technique behind a safety training film (including color stills).
  • Downloadable Forms: a collection of downloadable checklists, forms, and guides useful in video production.
  • Glossary: an in-depth glossary of video production terminology.
  • Links: offering resources to organizations, paperwork, and equipment retailers related to corporate video production.
  • Bookshelf: a selection of related titles published by Focal and Routledge.
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