There are four main purposes of this series of books, that:

  • more dyslexic/ SpLD people recognise the wide range of their experience and feel comfortable to tell their stories
  • non-dyslexic/ SpLD people are more knowledgeable as they listen to the stories
  • processing skills need to be taught deliberately and openly
  • the educational practices that are VITAL for dyslexic/ SpLDs are recognised as good for all and therefore included in mainstream education.

You can scroll down on the visual home page to see: an analogy for SpLDs, the philosophy of the series, information about the authors and how the books were written.

The series page tells you about the series, including how to read easily.
The page about the books will help you see how the books fit together and how they cover the experience of living with dyslexia/ SpLD.

Special Features reflects some of the ways these books cater for dyslexic/ SpLD readers.
The major themes and selected highlights, of stories, examples, insights, tips, exercises and key points, allow you to sample some of the content and find out what might engage your interest.
The routes and outcomes suggest how different groups of people will benefit from using these books.

The Materials section has resources for working with the books:
There are templates and checklists.
Video recordings of some of the exercises.
Index: major entries has the list of useful index entries from each book; using the index of a book is a good way to get an overview to assist reading.