Popular World Music, Second Edition introduces students to popular music genres and artists from around the world. Andrew Shahriari discusses international music styles familiar to most students—Reggae, Salsa, K-Pop, and more—with a comprehensive listening-oriented introduction to mainstream musical culture. Each chapter focuses on specific music styles and their associated geographic origin, as well as best-known representative artists, such as Bob Marley, Carmen Miranda, ABBA, and Ladysmith Black Mambazo.

This companion website features a wealth of resources for both the student and instructor.

For the student

  • Spotify and iTunes links for each Listening Guide track found in the text
  • Flashcards of glossary terms, broken out by chapter
  • Multiple-choice quizzes for self-assessment
  • Additional audio examples and links highlighting key concepts
  • An interactive map placing world music cultures in geographical context
  • Further resources and links to supplementary listening examples

For the instructor

  • All-new PowerPoint slides for each chapter
  • Assignment suggestions for outside the classroom
  • A test bank of additional multiple-choice questions
  • A complete Listening Guide track list for easy reference
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