Chapter 1

A Popular Approach to World Music

Learning Objectives

  1. Define popular world music.
  2. Recognize the role of technology and the music business on popular world music
  3. Understand how the textbook can be used as a springboard to further study of popular world music.

Flashcards of Glossary Terms

Fundamental Music Terminology

  • Melody - a succession of pitches forming a musical idea
  • Harmony - a blending of three or more different pitches
  • Rhythm - the organization of the duration of musical sounds
    • Beat - a regular pulsation implied or articulated in a music performance
    • Meter - the grouping of a specific number of beats
    • Tempo - the speed of the beat in a music performance
  • Text Setting - the number of pitches per syllable of sung text
    • Syllabic - one pitch per syllable
    • Melismatic - more than one pitch per syllable
  • Timbre - the quality of a sound
  • Ornamentation - an embellishment of melody or musical sounds
  • Improvisation - spontaneous musical performance
  • Form - the underlying structure of a musical performance over time


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