Chapter 3

Caribbean Music: Calypso and Reggae

Learning Objectives

  1. Understand both the traditional popular music of the Caribbean and contemporary developments in those forms.
  2. Recognize the major genres of Caribbean popular music , focusing on traditions from Trinidad and Jamaica.
  3. Identify prominent artists associated with Caribbean popular music genres, e.g., Bob Marley.

Flashcards of Glossary Terms


Listening Guide Audio

Chapter 3

Listening Guide Audio


“Rum and Coca-Cola”

Lord Invader

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* Lord Invader version not available on Spotify


“Hot, Hot, Hot” (1982)

Alphonsus Cassell (b. 1954 - 2010), aka Arrow

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“Woman’s Smarter”

The Jolly Boys

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“Guns of Navarone”

The Ska-talites

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“One Love/People Get Ready”

Bob Marley and the Wailers

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Dub and Dancehall

“Get Busy”

Sean Paul

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