Welcome to the companion website for Teaching Exceptional Children, 2nd Edition! Teaching Exceptional Children uses clear writing, a visually appealing design, and focused pedagogy to cover a significant amount of material for a thorough yet accessible introduction to early childhood special education.

This website includes tools for students to engage with and master the concepts and terminology introduced in the book, and instructors have access to a range of helpful supplemental resources for teaching and planning:

  • Especially for students: Flashcards to test your knowledge of key terms in the Glossary
  • Resources by chapter (from the book):
    • Learning Objectives
    • Discussion Questions
    • Web Links (Recommended Resources)
  • Video links with reflection questions
  • Additional web links by topic
  • Glossary
  • Especially for instructors: Access password-protected Instructor’s content for this title, which includes:
  • Instructor’s Manual:
    • Additional ideas for assignments and projects, grading and assessment rubrics, and learning outcomes
    • Content curated for the web, including video links with reflection questions and additional web links sorted by topic
    • Resources from the book, including learning objectives; discussion questions; essay, short answer, and review questions; homework and field assignments; and web links to recommended resources
  • PowerPoint lecture slides
  • Test bank with open-ended, multiple choice, and true/false questions

Special thanks to Megan Schumaker-Murphy for contributing to the website content, and to Gretchen Combs, Myra Hushansky, Betty Lin, and Leslie McKenzie for their contributions to the Instructor’s Manual.

Please note that this website functions best when your browser window is fully expanded.

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