The Routledge History of Monarchy

Edited by Elena Woodacre, Lucinda H.S. Dean, Chris Jones, Russell E. Martin, and Zita Eva Rohr

Welcome to the companion website for The Routledge History of Monarchy.

Perfect for use in the classroom or as an aid to independent study, this website includes:

  • A video with general editor Elena Woodacre as introduction to the book
  • Four timelines which highlight key events, people and locations in the history of monarchy
  • Maps showing the current monarchies in the world
  • Chapter summaries for each chapter with annotated bibliographies, key words, links to useful websites and suggestions for related chapters within the book.
  • Introduction by the Editor

    In this video, general Editor Elena Woodacre discusses the book.

    Table of Contents

    Elena Woodacre

    Understanding the Mechanisms of Monarchy (Chapter 1)

    Chris Jones

    Introduction - (Chapter 2)

    Manuel Alejandro Rodríguez de la Peña

    The “Wise King” topos in context: Royal Literacy and Political Theology in Medieval Western Europe (c.1000-1200) (Chapter 3)

    Laura Fábián

    The Biblical King Solomon in Representations of Western European Medieval Royalty (Chapter 4)

    Manuela Santos Silva

    Regal Power and the Royal Family in a Thirteenth-Century Iberian Legislative Programme  (Chapter 5)

    Charlotte Backerra

    Personal Union, Composite Monarchy, and “Multiple Rule” (Chapter 6)

    Matthias Schnettger

    Dynastic Succession in an Elective Monarchy: The Habsburgs and the Holy Roman Empire (Chapter 7)

    Matthias Range

    Dei Gratia and the “Divine Right of Kings”: Divine Legitimization or Human Humility? (Chapter 8)

    Pascal Buresi

    A Case-Study of Pre-Modern Islamic Monarchy: The Almohad Caliphate of the Maghreb and al-Andalus in the 12th–13th Centuries (Chapter 9)

    David Mednicoff

    Contemporary Kingship in Muslim Arab Societies in Comparative Context (Chapter 10)

    Lucinda Dean: Introduction (Chapter 11)

    Paul Webster

    Faith, Power and Charity: Personal Religion and Kingship in Medieval England (Chapter 12)

    David Malitz

    The Nation as a Ritual Community: Royal Nation-Building in Imperial Japan and Post-War Thailand (Chapter 13)

    Christoph de Spiegeleer

    The Nationalisation and Mediatisation of European Monarchies in Times of Sorrow: Royal Deaths and Funerals in the Second Half of the Nineteenth Century (Chapter 14)

    Trond Isaksen

    A Useless Ceremony of Some Use: A Comparative Study of Attitudes to Coronations in Norway and Sweden in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries (Chapter 15)

    Eugénia Rodrigues

    Negotiating with the Neighbours: Kingship and Diplomacy in Munhumutapa (Chapter 16)

    Philippa Woodcock

    Early Modern Monarchy and Foreign Travel (Chapter 17)

    Hélder Carvalhal

    Kingship and Masculinity in Renaissance Portugal (Fifteenth and Sixteenth Centuries) (Chapter 18)

    Estelle Paranque

    Royal Representation through the Father and Warrior Figures in Early Modern Europe (Chapter 19)

    Anna Duch

    Chasing St. Louis: The English Monarchy's Pursuit of Sainthood (Chapter 20)

    Catriona Murray

    Raising Royal Bodies: Stuart Authority and the Monumental Image (Chapter 21)

    Mikolaj Getka-Kenig

    In Pursuit of Social Allies: Royal Residences and Political Legitimacy in Post-Revolutionary Europe, 1804-1830 (Chapter 22)

    Benjamin Wild

    Clothing Royal Bodies: Changing Attitudes to Royal Dress and Appearance from the Middle Ages to Modernity (Chapter 23)

    Russell E. Martin: Introduction (Chapter 24)

    Russell E. Martin

    Anticipatory Association of the Heir in Early Modern Russia: Primogeniture and Succession in Russia’s Ruling Dynasties (Chapter 25)

    Derek Whaley

    From a Salic Law to the Salic Law: The Creation and Re-Creation of the Royal Succession System of Medieval France (Chapter 26)

    Jonathan Spangler

    A Family Affair: Cultural Anxiety, Political Debate and the Nature of Monarchy in Seventeenth-Century France and Britain (Chapter 27)

    Sarah Betts

    What's in a name? Dynasty, Succession and England's Queens Regnant (1553-2016) (Chapter 28)

    Aidan Norrie

    Female Pharaohs in Ancient Egypt (Chapter 29)

    Theresa Earenfight & Kristen Geaman

    Neither Heir nor Spare: Childless Queens and the Practice of Monarchy in Pre-Modern Europe (Chapter 30)

    Lloyd Llewellyn-Jones

    Harem Politics: Royal Women and Succession Crises in the Ancient Near East (c. 1400-300 BCE) (Chapter 31)

    Emily Joan Ward

    Child kings and guardianship in North-Western Europe c.1050-c.1250 (Chapter 32)

    Beverly J. Stoeltje

    Creating chiefs and queen mothers in Ghana: obstacles and opportunities (Chapter 33)

    Cathleen Sarti

    Deposition of Monarchs in Northern Kingdoms, 1300-1700 (Chapter 34)

    Zita Rohr: Introduction (Chapter 35)

    Stephen Donnachie

    Male Consorts and Royal Authority in the Crusader States (Chapter 36)]

    Kim Bergqvist

    Kings and Nobles on the Fringe of Christendom: A comparative perspective on Monarchy and Aristocracy in the European Middle Ages (Chapter 37)

    Henric Bagerius and Christine Ekholst

    For Better or for Worse: Royal Marital Sexuality as Political Critique in Late Medieval Europe (Chapter 38)

    Joanne Paul with Valerie Schutte

    The Tudor Monarchy of Counsel and the Growth of Reason of State (Chapter 39)

    Susan Broomhall

    Ruling Emotions: Affective and emotional strategies of power and authority among early modern European monarchies (Chapter 40)

    Chad Denton

    From Galanterie to Scandal: The Sexuality of the King from Louis XIV to XVI (Chapter 41)

    Frank Jacob

    Queen Min, Foreign Policy, and the Role of Female Leadership in Late Nineteenth-Century Korea (Chapter 42)