Chapter 19 - Long-form video journalism, audio and video news bulletins and magazine programmes

Chapter 19 web version

In the book version of this chapter we will cover:

  • Long-form video journalism
  • How to compile, edit and present a video news bulletin
  • How to compile, edit and present a longer, magazine style programme.

At the end of the chapter is a range of exercises and projects to enable you to practise what you have learned.

In the online version of this chapter you will find:

  • Links to all the examples discussed here
  • Video and other further tuition in key areas
  • Additional resources
  • Essential updates to tuition in the book.

Always have the book version of Multimedia Journalism to hand while you use this website – the off- and on-line versions are designed to work together.

19C1 Long-form video journalism

Vice online magazine

Vice YouTube channels

Watch Vice's Isis videos

A 20 minute documentary about a bunch of jewel thieves called the Pink Panthers.

A portrait of London street-biker culture

How does vice make long-form video journalism pay?


How Vice links out from its videos to text and other content

book icon Find a discussion around the following examples

The news bulletin is here, grabbed at the point when a story on Yemen is featured


    The text report is here


    The long-form video documentary is here


      There are also links to in-depth text-based material within that documentary, including this:

      said to be a CIA memo providing the legal justification for killing a US citizen.

      How to add links into your YouTube videos

      Find out at this link:

      Here's a summary of what YouTube says you should do.

      Create an annotation

      • Go to your channel Video Manager
      • Next to the video you wish to edit, click the down arrow to the right of the Edit button and select Annotations
      • Click the Add annotation button on the right
      • Click Publish when you've finished creating your annotations.

      Where annotations do (and don't) show up

      • Annotations appear on standard YouTube players and embedded players
      • Annotations do not appear on custom YouTube chromeless players, or on mobile, tablet and TV devices.

      News bulletins from brands

      Manchester United

      The football club creates a daily bulletin of short club-news items

      Gathering material for video bulletins

      Lloyds List's On The Radar

      Scripting the bulletin

      A BBC guide to scripting a bulletin

      19C2 Video bulletins

      Vice news bulletin example featured in the book version:

      The accompanying text report:

      The accompanying long-form text-based documentary:

      Further links to Vice content

      Vice news channel news channel:

      Vice video

      How to add annotations to your YouTube videos:

      19C3 Selecting material for a bulletin

      BBC guides to scripting and compiling news bulletins

      There is much tuition linked to from this overview page:

      19C4 Presenting the bulletin

      Voice coaching: Ann S Utterback

      Further voice coaching resources

      More from Ann Utterback

      Breathing for broadcast

        Presenting tips from the BBC's voice coach

        Autocue apps

        For iPad

        A free online tele-prompter

        How to make your own teleprompter

        19C5 Creating a magazine-style video programme

        The video we discuss in the book:

          Further resources on how print publishers are using video

          How four publishers – Dennis Publishing, Future, IPC and Vice – have moved beyond magazines and are now producing videos for their existing audiences and to attract new ones:

          How the NME uses video, Channel at:

          An example: Song stories featuring Johnny Marr