Part B – Building proficiency

This section of Multimedia Journalism is about building on all you learned in Part A. We’ll take you to the next stage across the media.

In the book version

Our aims are enable you to develop the ability to:

  • Live blog using the full range of media and social networks
  • Curate stories and topics
  • Conduct highly effective research
  • Develop your interviewing skills
  • Build proficiency with WordPress
  • Improve your social and community journalism
  • Create email bulletins and RSS feeds
  • Use a DSLR camera to take high-quality stills
  • Record, edit and publish audio-visual packages
  • Produce video that approaches broadcast quality
  • Produce video that puts you and the reader at the heart of the story
  • Find stories within data and create visualisations that tell those stories effectively
  • Build a personal brand, develop a specialism or become an entrepreneurial journalist.

In the online version

Here in the online version of Part B you will find all the support material referenced in the book, plus a good deal of additional resources.

You will also find any essential updates required to keep the material covered in the book current and relevant.