Part C – Achieving professional standards

In this section we aim to bring readers up to the level at which they could enter any branch of the media – from print to broadcasting or online – as newly-qualified journalists.

We will cover some familiar things in greater depth, and at an advanced level, but also introduce other areas of study that we have not tackled before.

In the book version

Our aims are to bring you up to professional standards in:

  • Multi-platform publishing – creating smartphone apps, tablet computer editions and print versions of your content
  • Advanced multimedia storytelling
  • Long-form journalism
  • Audio and video news bulletins and magazine programmes
  • Features writing – general features, interviews, reviews, columns and comment pieces for print and online publication,
  • Creating in-depth special areas for websites
  • Advanced online research methods
  • Sub-editing news and features for print and online
  • Search Engine Optimisation and Google Analytics.

In the online version

Here in the online version of Part C you will find all the support material referenced in the book, plus a good deal of additional resources.

You will also find any essential updates required to keep the material covered in the book current and relevant.