Part A – Getting started

This part of Multimedia Journalism is called Getting started, and that’s what we are going to do – straightaway. We won’t spend a lot of time theorising about things. Instead, you’ll jump straight in.

This is what we’ll be covering in Part A of Multimedia Journalism.

In the book version

Our aims are to give you core journalism skills and show you how to:

  • Write a good basic news report
  • Build a simple WordPress multimedia website and beat blog
  • Use social media as an integral part of your news gathering and reporting
  • Take good news pictures and create a stills picture story
  • Film, edit and publish a video story
  • Record, edit and publish audio reports and podcasts.

In the online version

Here in the online version of Part A you will find all the support material referenced in the book, plus a good deal of additional resources.

You will also find any essential updates required to keep the material covered in the book current and relevant.