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Student Resources

Student Review Questions

Chapter 1

  1. How would you classify the following examples of travellers? (NB. some may not be tourists!):
    1. James Pennywise, a computer salesman from Birmingham is visiting Bournemouth to help organise a short training course in the latest information technology.
    2. Philippa Tease, a travel agent from Miami, Florida, is attending the annual ASTA Convention in Bermuda as a delegate.
    3. Philippa and her Spanish friend Ramona are planning an ‘eco-trip’ later in the year to explore the Ecuadorian rainforest ‘as far away from tourists as possible’.
    4. Franco Pirelli from California is visiting Rimini in Italy for a family reunion.
    5. Ulla Erikson from Stockholm is visiting Santorini in the Greek islands for a few hours as part of a Mediterranean cruise.
    6. Valentina from Vilnius, a student at an English language school in Poole, England, is travelling to Cherbourg on the 7:30 ferry and returning to Poole at 6:00 the following day.
    7. Anne-Michelle from Sydney is working as a volunteer on community projects in Thailand, as part of her gap year before starting university.
  2. Investigate the ways in which Spanish and Japanese attitudes to work and leisure differ from those prevalent in Britain and the USA.
  3. Draw up a chart comparing working hours and paid holiday entitlement (taking account of national holidays) in your own country with other countries in Asia, Europe and North America.
  4. Draw up a chart based on Figure 1.5 outlining a recent holiday trip. This should indicate the time spent on various stages of the trip as well as the places you visited and the activities you took part in.